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Everyone knows that language development sets humans apart from all other living creatures. What a difference it makes in our lives!!! Some children seem to develop language skills almost magically. Other children require extra patience, support, and encouragement to make it through each miraculous step. ALL children require engaging experiences with caring adults to truly thrive linguistically. BooksByTara are designed with an easy, flexible format to entice childrenís interest and participation on every page. Intriguing photos of familiar scenes provide oodles of opportunities for looking; pointing; vocalizing sounds, words, phrases, and sentences; answering questions; and beginning in-depth discussions. Playful themes make learning easy and fun.

Nurture each stage of growth and appreciate the beauty of blossoming communication skills. Have fun interacting with that important child in your life! Thatís why BooksByTara were created. Enjoy!

Unless specifically noted otherwise, all Books By Tara:

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Sign Says No
Guess The Sign
Holes More Holes
Tiny Holes Green
Water Car Wash
Jack O Lantern
Autumn Leaves Snowman

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